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Re: BUYING (Quest Items)

Zyz wrote:Don't get impatient. It took me over 100 copper kills to get my mind tabs and a few months to get frozen. This game will be a lot more fun if you don't stress over getting your quest gear in a couple days.

very true, its a game so just enjoy it

Re: Do..

Dexxa wrote:
Legislative wrote:
Muldar wrote:I am on all :)

ill catch you.

You make Muldar sound a bit like a leprechaun lol...hard to catch :)

+1 to making tht a gamemode

Re: Xfer

34545434 wrote:Why do you want to leave fingal? It's the best.

Not everyone wants to be in a best spot.
Anyways zumb watch out not every xfer is successful as u may imagine

Re: Selling Good Stuff Not nub stuff

Well, i dont really mind this that much. If its for the benefit of one person solely I would mind(solo players). But that extra money could go towards getting lixes, lux, and other resources that could help the clan more later on. And a under a lvl 100 warrior can exactly do what against aggy with ...

Re: Selling Good Stuff Not nub stuff

It makes me sad to see these tridents being sold. These tridents took a group effort to kill aggy. And a group that was lixed when they did it. This means that we have players selling these tridents that are going to make a profit off of others. Raid drops should never be sold unless all those invo...

Off i go

As some may know i hav a second job on the internet and i wanna focus on tht, i wouldnt say im completely quitting but eventually ill stop appearing, this whole android ch journeys been great, tyvm to zyz who has helped me heaps when i just started on android and ty to adro who i met later in the ga...

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