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World Transfer to Arawn

Looking to world transfer from Mabon for 870k in gold. If anyone is interested lmk and we can work something out. Also wanting to buy any lux gear if anyone is selling that such as heroic ammy of rejuv, heroic gloves of haste, etc. Thank you and enjoy playing with new friends. :)

Re: Whats good Mabon

Hey bman it's Quickstriker, hope all is going well for you man and trust me you aren't missing too much over here. Hope to see you pop on more often.

Re: Appeals process

Update still no reply from appeals after sending them an email on March 10 regarding my account issue. Slowly giving up hope and it seems a lot of people are experiencing this issue as well. Hopefully something is done sooner rather than later.

Re: Appeals process

Muldar wrote:Hi,

Are you appealing for the account "QuickStriker" or an alternate account?

Only reference I can find in the Appeals inbox for Quickstriker is from November 2016.

Characters name is KingArcher and I did the detailed email over again like it was requested as well.

Appeals process

Not sure how long this appeal process usually takes but it's been over a month now since my first appeal was sent with only one email back which was almost two weeks ago. Was wondering if this is normal or am I just being impatient?

Re: Best clan on mabon? (Im new here)

At the moment my personal aspect I acknowledge WG as the clan to beat in Mabon. Have a lot of respect for some people in that clan but nothing is set forever. As a former member of perhaps the greatest clan Mabon ever had in Elite, that was in all aspects the most dominant but things happened. All I...


80 damage hrung bracelet with 325 attack added to it. Mail me offers or pm in game!

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