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Re: Ahoy!

Also a mage is a bad starting player imo. >_> Ranger is the most stable class to have (sei-weakest) but easiest to devolop fast and cheap and easy. Cheapest yup:) easiest yup, but truely slow:) ik druid will shout at me but this one require so much dexterity imo But ya mage as a starting is the har...

Re: A Druid's Dilemma

First of all: Good God, Ghost you reply fast XD (I literally just posted my reply). Thanks for the tip Ghost! I think I'm gonna try my best and try to catch up with those level 100 dudes. If it seems effortless though, I will move to a new server. However, I'm not giving up without a fight :twisted:

Re: A Druid's Dilemma

Once Again, I would like to thank everyone who replied to this topic. (Especially Regen) All your answers have helped me and I'm starting to get better at druid. However, there is one more problem, and this problem is rather complicated..... I play on Celtic Heroes on android and the server "Li...

Re: A Druid's Dilemma

Hey Regenlief! I have one more question for you if you dont mind............. Im a low level druid, but Im already running into energy problems. I have no lux, and I have no sigils. All I got is meditate and more mediatie. Any tips? Im planning on buying a ring of energy, but maybe should save for m...

Re: A Druid's Dilemma

Thanks Regen!!!!

I have decided to chose Bark over embrace. I was gonna chose embrace because my clan mate said that embrace was really good for long boss-fights. However since Im more of a solo guy I think ill chose Bark. Just hope he doesnt get mad at me :lol:

A Druid's Dilemma

Hey Guys! So I got a question for yall today.......... Which skill is better? Shield of Bark or Nature Embrace? Place make sure your answer has a reason behind it. AND YES, I HAVE USED THE SEARCH BAR. But theres just not a lot of topics about the comprasion of these too skills. Do keep in mind that ...

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