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Re: Independent

Ahhh....I miss playing. Had some good times. Life is too busy now and can't find the time to play. I may pop on to check out the updates and say Hi!

Re: History of lugh and the clans

Ok Guys. Please stop with these sort of topics. Lately the tensions have improved between clans and I can always talk to Axon about most issues that affect the harmony of the game. Changes that I have noticed more recently - Griefing has stopped Abuse is declining Respectful lock battles Leaders fro...

Shared accounts at Snorri boss

Dear OTM There are a few shared accounts that are only used for Snorri bosses from a certain end game clan. These accounts are geared for lock and appear at every single snorri. I'm not sure if logging on for at least 100 straight Snorri's bosses is common for a single player....dedication, insomnia...

Plat prices increased!

Well done on keeping the plat prices realistic. $160 AUS for 4k plat. $30 increase......really!! I'm scratching my head at this weekend discount on chests, it almost works out the same as the old price. Pricing yourself out of the market here OTM on what is on offer. I don't have an issue with money...

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