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Re: I'd Post There But Just Take A Look

You need something on Belenus,then find me. I'm a higher level player,but I refuse to allow Belenus to turn into a merch server. I have thousands of skill books that I either give away,or sell for 500-1k. I am a pretty big trash talker,and love to insult people,but mine are always for laughs. I got ...


Hi,I'm Guardog from Belenus. I like long moonlit walks by the ocean,candle light dinners,adult beverages,and killing anything that moves in the arena. Oh,also big ole silky milkies,ta ta's,and bazongas

Guardog is back!!!

Belenus has gone soft,I'm gone for a few months and the servers gone to poop. People selling crap in the castle for highly inflated prices,guys going into the arena unharmed,crappy clans running their mouths to the elite clans,Criminal still only a level 220,etc. etc. I've come back to add a little ...

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