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Account Recovery

I have a few questions about account recovery. When I started the game, I believe June 23rd, 2013, on the server Danu, under the name Thief123, I was a young kid and I believed that someone had hacked my account. Because of this, I legitimately dropped every item I had. If I remember correctly it wa...

Re: Admin?

I'm wondering how this is done.

Did someone make the mistake of trusting client input? Either that or an injection is being done

Re: What did I miss?

Well to my understanding OTM didn’t completely shut down per se, but Virtual Realms (VR) have taken over in the development process. Celtic heroes is VR’s primary game, but there is also a localized version. Regarding new moderators, dunno haven’t seen any I have no clue what you’re talking about :...

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