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Poison Seed

Is it true that a T6 Poison seed doesn’t add the same amount of elemental damage as a T6 Magic/Ice/or Fire?
I haven’t seen one on my server but a friend told me that’s the case. If so, I’d be very sad and wouldn’t invest in it just bc it’s already not very good besides in Carrow/on Hrung.

Re: Herne lost a wonderful player today

DENMA GAR of herne server passed away today in real life. Please wish him Godspeed and a calm sea wherever his next journey takes him. He was a way better human than I am and took the time and effort to guide new toons and made herne word a little bit better every day he was in it. RIP MY FRIEND in...

OTM, Here you go.

We've previously discussed via pm @Muldar. Just wanted to provide the requested form of sufficient proof of one of many cases of us being reset via glitch or even in a lot of cases if this fails for them they will do anything to grief, Herne's "top clan", LazyDrunks. Given we have been con...

Re: Whats best XPS or COMBOS?

They're pretty close to the same price depending on what server you're on. Difference is unless you use heroic combos you get less hp, energy, speed, and attack(if you attack lix.) You get same exp boost, but combo comes with hp and energy boosts from its max hp and energy lixes. I prefer sks becaus...

Re: Before 2015 ENDS...

The reason for the "illusion" this dresses color caused to some people was the particular filter that was used for it on photoshop, they changed opacity and added a certain filter but idk.

Be Aware

There is a standard that has been crossed and if you are a less experienced player or naive to what a scam scheme looks like I'll give the quick 411 of the most used and popular one right now you should be aware of. Heroic Ammy's have the same design as very cheap farmable Ammy's, be aware and read ...

Re: New level=new build

Frenzy bud. And if you really want to maximize effectiveness of frenzy can get the dagger offhand. Protective stance still isn't bad but you should be wanting to maximize your experience on every lix while it's not too bad,

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