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Re: If you had 11Mill....

Ideally you'd use that 11m to buy cheap stuff in order to make more money. If we are ignoring merching I guess I'd buy another 15% health kite, very useful and it should only go up in value. https://i.postimg.cc/TY8TqHvg/0-C34729-F-04-E2-45-DF-88-E6-4-B7-F4577-C589.jpg How'd you do that? For the sak...

Re: Account issue

It's because they merged the iOS and Android platforms a few years ago. Usually that error is because you have the same username as someone from Android, just contact support and they should be able to help.

(From an also former ancient/zerk)

Re: Need new chest

I'll comment on some things said here, and add my own. Ardmair/Lanrik? Yes, as the other expensive fashions were already selectively aeoned, it would only make sense for these to be too. In addition to those, I'd say serpent staff mounts and the bard's line of flutes should be added(as they went wit...

Re: Gold sink for endgame players

A gold sink needs to have desired content in order to work as a gold sink. I don't think fashion would work, unless it was extremely over the top(and even then that wouldn't last forever because everyone would eventually get it), because a ton of good fashion exists already. Considering the fact tha...

Re: Hellooooooo

Ymir and askold fight like they're on some kinda mega heroic haste lix yet their weapons slow as hell They are giants using 150 pound hammers, it would be easy for them, but for a normal human it would be near impossible, it makes sense. The weapons were made in/for 2012, they were op back then, an...

Re: Hellooooooo

That would defeat the(already small) purpose of legacy bosses.

Also grimling/askold/ymir bosses do drop good gold, just not in gold form. The weapons sell to the shop for 1/2/3k, and if you are in a server with smart low levels they will probably buy them for more then that.

Re: Ancient Res Idols

Had a little over 10k when the switch happened, about 1.5k now. They aren't worth much on lugh, like 200-300g per. I sold the other 9k back when I needed gold to merch, but now that I don't have gold issues they are sitting on a bank alt of mine. Usewise they are eh, I just use normal idols. People ...

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