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Re: druid advice

i will set my kik, touch and skype accounts in my sig so anyone is free to contact me that way too (do note i never check my touch anymore, just like once a week... i check kik often and skype im often free to chat)

Re: druid advice

Yrck, how about a we want you video for druids on Rosmerta. Maybe in the style of how team fortress make their video's. Could be funny and make people interested in joining our server? Or at least lets them visit and maybe makes them stay. lol that could be a good idea too, we can discuss it later ...

Re: Horizons

yeah but if its a fischer system then it would be only for germans tho, cuz its not english correct. fisher system is.

also first time i heard of the fisher system was from houjiner, who im very sure is not german.

Re: druid advice

red66 im not sure who you are ingame... and ds you have a lot of general game knowledge that is very useful for specific questions. also need someone that has understanding of the mechanics, cuz personally with my testing ive managed to find part of the mechanics.

Re: What Crom would probably look like in Gelebrons Tower

The tower is not where Crom is... Gelebron is in the tower supposedly trap there (I think Piranus the mad talks about this) Crom is in the fortress. Proof: Hi there, we do have the Crom's prison (the blackstone fortress) planned as a forthcoming endgame zone, as well as new outside areas in the fut...

druid advice

ive been thinking about his for quite some time already and figured id just post and see if there is animo. the idea is that me and some of the other more experienced druids that have at least played druid as main since the start of update 3 all are available on specific help for people that wish to...

Re: Battle Druid Concept

if you have the earthstone items i strongly suggest maxing wind, taking no mainhand, using all dmg and attack items you have. put your stats 1/3 vit 1/3 focus 1/3 dex, preferably doing more dex but enough hp for surviving skills and enough foc to do a little dmg on skills. the dex will remove a lot ...

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