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Re: Godly BT Helm - Druid

Congratulations! Looks like a few helms have been dropping across the servers, I hear Donn and Herne have had drops to, any others? Herne got 2 royal helms in event so far. We have been killing on spawn. Drop rates adjusted Schwing ? Doubt it - danu has got crap and we've killed all but one on spawn

Re: Dhiothu Downed on Danu!

2.5 hours... holy yikes... pick that dps up Wasn't exactly that long tbh lol but counting set up time it was just at 2 hours ... the second one went faster. We are doing at a time where some of our best dps can't log but seems to be best time for Druids ._. And a lot of our dg mains are having to s...

Re: First Godly Endurance Helm

bob the mage wrote:So server with half da kills has more helms and only godly, seems legit VR .-.

This is only our 6th helm. We have killed over 120+ ... I know Relentless deserves their godly though .. prob only server deserving to salt about it but it's not like it came easy to us with a year + farming it.

Log in Servers Are Trash

It’s been weeks now and people are still getting locked out of game during raids. People will crash or log off and then can’t log back at all and their toons will be glitched as online in the clan. This is absolutely ridiculous and needs fixed.

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