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Re: Great 200 event boss tip

Easiest way is have dps group with tank and 2 druids with appropriate buffs, second group have other cpl druids, dps and add tank, and if theres a third well Mages and rangers don't need(most the rogues in my clan log their alt to save the hassle and just kill it, easierish)

With this new daily

People's inventories are sorta getting big, yano casuing lag.. Instead of having them scatterd around could we put them all into one.. I mean here's my inven atm, imagine this x5

please don't move to feedback...

Re: Boss Lag Reporting Thread

Character Name:Trouble
Time(including timezone):like 11 am EST
Number of other players:15-25
Group Size:full
What type of lag did you experience?: skills taking few seconds to cast, mobs turning invisible, cant target easily.

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

***SWIPE/MULTITASKING ISSUE*** This NEEDs to be fixed... When you swipe down to check notifications or swipe up to change your song, or even if u dbl hit home button to close other apps... OR GET 5-10% BATTERY SIGNS it relogs you, when your killing a raid boss and your tank gets d/c for having 10% b...

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