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Re: My New iPhone Charger

Its a lithium battery in the hard case to protect it from damage and it has 5 usb ports attached to the battery and you charge your ipod/iphone or whatever by plugging a usb charger into it, you can recharge it with a wall charger it comes with, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge it and I get ar...

Re: Temple Run

Yathor wrote:(nice 4% battery left :D)

Battery is glitched 4% = around 30% for me, It will say like 2% and give me a 20% warning.

Re: Shatter is Back

when did u take that pic? Helloween? Last night :P if your jailbroken and can ssh pm me if you want it but it needs a lot of bugs to be fixed atm. Like he just said mods. Kinda sweet. How do you do it? Model swap + removed textures for player and added skelton tecture for the player torso as skelto...

Shatter is Back

Back in September I got a gaming pc and over a few weeks gradually stopped playing this game and being active, recently I was copying files from one of my laptops so I could use the SSD for dual booing windows 7 and Ubuntu on my gaming pc, I found old mods for this game on the hdd when I was copying...

Re: Temple Run


Bored any suggestions what to change these to? Best ive done is 60fps whole game @ 1/10 original size camera perfect using only 80mb of ram.

Re: My New iPhone Charger

Can you explain how this charger works? I have my original charger that came with my iPod and if i have it plugged in and play full brightness for 24 hours it will still be fully charged, so how is this any different? Can you please explain. It is wireless and works anywhere with up to 5 usb device...

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