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Re: They ruined this game.

i dont have a issue other than it sucks ..bring back the old celtic heroes plain and simple ,otm has a mutiny on their hands if things dont change players are gonna jump ship and find something else to do which i have done the only reason im still in the forum cause i agree and stand behind all the ...

Re: update not good

texans don't whine we make statements and I'm making a statement this update 3 sucks a$$ the game is still 2d looking horrific graphics Everquest clone the servers suck spamming an scammers suck the picture I seen on facebook was awsome an really pulled me in and maybe it will later but I ain't digg...

Re: update not good

I'm done too been done update 3 what a damn disappointment hell the beta looked better than this junk oh and don't worry bout tea that's jus way he acts and says he a lil b()tch an they always got to have ther say an everything is right it that new Yorker yankee mentalitity that only northern people...

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