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Few Questions as a Returning Player

I stopped playing this game when I started college, and I’m sorta getting back into it now. I just have a few questions. I’m lvl 172. Is when’s still the best for leveling or should I level in tower? Can anyone help me with specific stats/gear/skills for solo leveling? My gear is as follows: Ancient...

Leveling Help

I'm trying to get back into this game, and I could use some help. I'm level 165, and this is my gear: dl gloves; ancient beast boots, hood, and legs; beast chest; ancient wyrm spear; bounty dagger; brightstone ammy and brace; 40 str and foc brace; 40 dmg charm; +4 and +3 ss ring; +5 riposte ring; an...

Looking for a new world

Hey everyone! It's been over a year since I played this game, and I was considering creating a new character. So I was wondering, as a non-plat buyer, which world would be good to play on? I'd definitely like it to be one of those worlds where it isn't too difficult to really get into a clan and sta...

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