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Re: The Boss Druid

Haven't spent much time in Shalemont Ravine. When i began the beta i just explored until i hit a dead end and since then was stuck in Stonevale but now that i can move freely Ravine bosses is next on my list. First to find Boss Pig and Fairy XD.

Re: Beta Pictures

Since you gave the link to it might as well post my pics here XD enjoy everyone. This is Stonevale http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa439/Firionism/009-1.png http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa439/Firionism/007-1.png http://i1197.photobucket.com/albums/aa439/Firionism/008-1.png http://i1197.ph...

Looking for volunteers

Hey everyone, my clan and i have gathered all the data needed to finish the celtic heroes wiki. The wiki is almost complete however we are in need of volunteers for the last part which is to add all weapons and armor into the wiki. It's boring and tedious work but if we all pitch in it can be done q...

Re: Celtic Heroes Wiki

Yesteryear wrote:Nito: Mage level 47.

Vitality: 20
Health: 125
Focus: 225
Energy: 759

Hey thanks for the replay but i think you gave me the stats with armor on. My druid has focus 220 and my energy is at 880. You should have higher energy than me.

Re: Embossed Armor

Depends on your build. Embossed armor has high armor rating but weights a lot for mages/druids. For example my Druid has 750 mp with no armor and if i wear full plate armor i loose about 250 mp because of the weight, therefore instead of sacrificing my mp (since i don't get hit anyways because of Gr...

Re: Firion's Boss Guide

Just finished doing a run on her with three 50s we zone trapped her and she died in around 2-3 minutes. A good warrior tank with decent vitality can tank her fine with a druid backup and good gear. Howling wind makes a big difference in this fight. Thanks for bringing her up Anom if you have any que...

Re: Firion's Boss Guide

Zone Trapping makes her damage negligible that's why i didn't think much of her but i'l do some runs to test her out. I'm sure i can duo her with a buddy, my howling wind is maxed so the damage takes a 1/3 hit plus my nature's touch is level one for heal spams at 180 hp per 3 mp. I'l let you know ho...

Firion's Boss Guide

I play a Druid named Firion level 51 in server Danu, clan Death. I put together all the info i could about the bosses in the game, where to find them, level, star rating and a simple strategy section to help newcomers. Please let me know if i missed a boss or if I have made a mistake. Feedback is we...

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