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Looking for you best 150+ build. I am 152 at the time I am writing this. I have almost full ancient beastbone (missing chest obviously) I have a bone dagger, dagger of bounty, 10 energy per tick bracelet, no ammy at the moment, 30 dmg misc. no second bracelet. +3 ss ring, +4 riposte ring, +4 or +3 r...

Re: bone or frozen?

Also. Idk about your worlds but for 1 purple lion crest on rosemerta it is around 300-350k ea and you need 2.. Which naked the bone dagger better.. And then you spend the extra money on sk/sc

Your build?

I want you to list your best build and how many sigils it takes for you to use that build. Include stats and skills, if you can, also list gear and armour. Thanks!


Re: Selling

for sale i got black top, spooky orange hat, spooky turq top, turq hands and somw others (have to look it up). leave ur offers here or pm me. i also trade for other rare fashion (e.g. black party hat ;)). Would you trade sc for e sigil crates? 1-1 or whatever it would come out to. Also, e sigil cra...

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