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Re: Poison weapon

I use before a fight, would like it to be faster cast, but with 300 dex adding 81 damage per hit for 60 seconds, it adds 3654 damage with Heroic Gloves and a Frozen Dagger per cast. With a haste Elixer it would add 5115 damage per cast (this is for me maxed at 35/35), but that is not taking into ac...

Re: Whos better Pure dps or Pure dex?

It depends on your lvl and what you do mostly. I only have 105 vit. So I only have 700 base hp or so. But with gear I can go 1300. How do you survive any bosses? I'm running around with 1,200hp and that's barely enough. Distract helps a lot, but when a boss cloaks i am no longer any help.. And to t...

Re: Target lock. Could e worst thing in game if admn puts in

If target lock was added it would be competition of who can stand the closest to the bosses spawn point. Since first aggro would get you the kill for your clan. I know this because it was once a rule in our world that whoever got first aggro would get the boss. This just doesn't work, keep it the w...

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